10 Creative Ways to Make Money Online

In this blog, I often talk about making money online through writing and affiliate marketing. Today I want to share some good news with you, my dear readers, who want to make money online without advertising other peoples stuff or writing blog posts.

The following are legit and creative ways to make money from home:

1. Unlock your phone.

Getting paid to unlock your phone isn’t a lucrative source of income but it’s easy as ABC. All you have to do is install the app and swipe!
Here are some of the apps that will pay you to unlock your phone:
Perk Screen
By installing the app on your smartphone, you allow it to take over your screen. That means the app can show some ads. These apps are only available for Android users for now. As of this writing, Slidejoy is also developing an iOS version for Apple users.

2. Play games.

Sounds exciting, isn’t it? If you’re into games, you could try your luck playing on these websites:
Inbox Dollars
Cash Dazzle
LaLa Loot
GSN Cash Games

3. Write poems.

Poetry isn’t dead. In fact, many people are making a profit out of writing poems. The Sun Magazine, for instance, pays $100-$250 per poetry submitted. Below are some more poetry markets that pay well for each poem submitted:
Grain Literary Magazine
Orion Magazine
-Clubhouse Jr Magazine
-Three Penny Review

4. Be a customer service associate.
Amazon lets you apply online for this position. Simply create an account at the Amazon Jobs website, complete your profile information, and take their 30-minute assessment. Then the folks at Amazon will schedule your interview.

5. Watch videos.

Like unlocking your phone or playing games, watching videos is another way to get paid without too much hassle.
Swagbucks is the most popular reward site out there. They will reward you with points after every nine videos you watched. You can convert those points to gifts, gift cards, and PayPal payments.

6. Take surveys.

Businesses rely on survey sites in learning more about their target market. They will ask some of your basic information and will use that to identify whether you qualify in a survey or not. Just be careful about signing up on survey sites. Read reviews first and check if the survey site is legit.

7. Test a new app.

This is another easy task that will not take much of your time. All you have to do is give your two cents after testing an app. The pay is around $10 for every app or website tested.

8. Research.

Do you love to learn new things and spend time reading about a particular topic? You could try your luck at research communities such as Wonder. They will provide a trial research assignment after signing up. Entry level researchers earn around $10 per approved task.

9. Design an e-Book cover.

99designs.com is one of the well-known sites that offer design services. You can apply here and showcase your talent in creating book covers.

10. Arrange travels for a business trip.

When you have a knack for organizing, why not use it to make other people’s life easier? Scheduling for travelling arrangements is not really that hard. It would help if you use multiple sources so you could compare book rates and amenities.


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Ian Leishman

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