10 Easily Actionable Tips to Generate More Leads

There are customers and there are leads that you need to convert into buying customers.

The latter form the bread and butter of any online business, the former are like bonus.

Together, both need to be converted into long-term clients.

Here are things that you can do to keep them coming so that you can grow your list and your business.

Write ebooks. Sell them on Clickbank or offer them free along with a signup.

Ensure that the content is useful and you’re not marketing yourself.

Add a link to your newsletter in the ebook.

With great content and a successful ebook marketing strategy, you’ll get leads over time.

Let people know that you have a newsletter.

Encourage them to sign up by using social media to inform them of the benefits of your newsletter.

Of course, a dedicated landing page to signing up for the newsletter will go a long way in generating leads.

The biggest leads and list generator is your blog.

With great content come superb leads.

Your blog gives you an opportunity to exercise complete control over the content.

Be as subtle or brazen as you want to be about the lead generation process.

However, subtle is better.

Find out the social media influencers in your niche and get them on your side.

Likes and retweets by them on social media can amplify your message and send a downpour of leads to your signup page.

Hashtags are a great way to reach out to potential leads and then funnel them down the sales channel.

It’s a process, no doubt. But the rewards are worth it.

Is your business amenable to marketing via apps?

If yes, then you have millions of mobile users that you can target via the app.

You can link the app download to signing up for the newsletter.

You can market in a very effective manner to this captive audience.

You can get some really heavyweight leads by networking in the real world.

Industry events and symposiums are places where you can develop contacts.

This method is particularly effective if you’re looking for leads in the B2B sector.

An excellent video, that has an ideal mix of entertainment and information, i.e. infotainment, can pique curiosity.

You can produce more than one such video and generate a lot of eyeballs if you can connect with the audience through the content you upload.

Add a link to your newsletter signup page, or even your blog home page.

You will definitely get leads.

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