3 Lead Generation Mobile Apps for your Small Business

3 Lead Generation Mobile Apps for your Small Business

Time and money are the most valuable resources and a small business

that uses these judiciously for generating leads will do well over the span of its life.

Mobile apps for lead generation are a great way to save time and money that can be utilized elsewhere.

Leads mean customers, and customers are the lifeblood of any business.

Mobile apps can get you customers.

1. SnapApp – It’s an app that lets you promote your business in more than one way.

Diversity in content is the mainstay of any lead generation exercise.

With this app, you can generate sweepstakes, polls, surveys, tests, quizzes, form signups, as well as landing pages.

Used judiciously, each content type serves to engage the user and generate information for you.

SnapApp will do the work for you; on your part,

you need to be ready with a plan to take interaction with leads to the next level.

With SnapApp, you can generate content that allows your messages to rise above the clutter

and drive appreciably higher clickthrough rates as compared to mundane content and banal calls to action,

such as download now and click here.

2. Callrail – Measuring performance is central to lead generation,

and in today’s competitive environment you channel funds to those marketing efforts that yield results.

Marketing via smartphones is huge;

people are checking their mails on mobiles and Google has a different algorithm in place for mobile searches.

You need a tool that lets you capture and analyze analytics for more targeted lead generation.

With Callrail you can track calls and measure phone call conversions.

Record calls to simplify lead qualification, train marketers, and offer better customer service.

The app lets you capture the visitor’s path before and after the phone call,

thereby allowing you to tweak marketing channels, content, voice, and timing of releasing content.

3. Zuant – This is an iOS lead capture platform, and offers a great mix of generic features and customizability.

From sending Thank You emails to parking leads during periods of excellent lead generation,

you can do everything and more with this app.

Integrate it with Salesforce and save time on manual uploads.

Carry all the lead generation related information on an Apple device.

Create custom questionnaires for trade shows and easy lead qualification.

until next time

Ian Leishman

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