4 Effective Strategies for Nurturing Leads

4 Effective Strategies for Nurturing Leads

Lead nurturing is an ongoing process, and one that demands a multi-pronged approach.

You need to have leads pouring in from as many avenues as possible so that you always have something to work with.

Here are four techniques to generate leads that will keep you in business –

1. Target leads with content – In other words, use targeted content.

There is no way around it.

You have to target leads with content best suited to get them to take the desired step.

It requires some effort but the effort is worth the results; sales opportunities increase more than 20% when targeted content is used.

Of course, this targeting can happen only when you have some information to work with.

Insights from sales already conducted, data from competition, and data gathered by trial and error will give you matter to work with.

The right content at the right time delivered to the right audience is a challenge, especially in the B2B segment.

2. Lead nurturing across more than one channel – It figures that if you are seeking leads across various channels, then you stand a good chance of converting leads by nurturing those leads across the different channels.

Of course, you can choose to nurture the leads primarily via emails, but low open rates are a challenge.

One way to circumvent the challenge is to nurture leads across social media, through blogs, chat apps, and messaging services on your website.

With these many avenues to benefit from, you need a good number of leads coming in all the time so that you can take the process further.

3. Follow up at the right time – You need to follow up with a lead as early as possible.

Following up with a fresh lead within five minutes increases the chances of the lead getting qualified by a factor of twenty.

Do it after thirty minutes, and the lead is 20 times less likely to get qualified.

In the U.S, B2B companies are reputedly very slow in following up.

One out of four companies does not even bother to follow up with a new signee.

Following up a warm lead is multiple times more effective than making a cold call.

4. Personalize your emails – The simple expedient of a personalized email will boost open rates, lead to higher lead qualification rates, and more revenue per email.

Relationship building is the key and is any day a better alternative to generic emails; while, you can blast generic emails to many, the conversion rates are low.

Personalized mails to opt-in leads yield better result because the intent is already present, you have to tease and nurture it.

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