5 Best Google AdSense Alternatives for Bloggers

Google AdSense is by far the leading cost-per-click (CPC) program today. It is used by most bloggers and webmasters because it is easy to implement and it has a good customer support.

Because of the growing number of users, Google set stricter rules in applying for an AdSense account. Aside from complying with their policies, publishers need to know some of the tricks to get approved. These includes having enough text content, having a neat website, and creating a Privacy Policy.

Got rejected on AdSense? Having a decrease in your visitors? It is not the end of your blogging business. You may want to try other CPC programs out there and here are the best ones that I can recommend to you:

Media.Net– they are the second most popular ad company, after AdSense. They prefer sites with traffic coming from UK, US, and Canada. What if your traffic does not come from these countries? If you have a very good traffic and you still want to give Media.Net a shot after the rejected application, send them a screenshot of your traffic stats. As long as you have good quality content in English, there is a big chance that your application will be accepted.

PopAds– as the name suggests, their ads are those that pop up when you visit a website. Like Media.Net, PopAds works well along with AdSense. Signing up to PopAds only takes around two minutes and you have to wait around 24 hours to know whether you got approved or rejected. When it comes to content, PopAds is not as strict as AdSense because they can be used for all types of websites. This includes adult and gambling sites that are prohibited on AdSense.

PropellerAds Media– based in the U.K., Propeller Ads is gaining popularity among publishers because of their high CPM (cost per mille) rate. Similar to Media.Net, they prefer traffic coming from the U.S., U.K., and Canada. They also added Australia to the list. Their most popular ad product is the OnClick PopUnder Ads, which offers up to $10 CPM rate. This kind of ad works best on entertainment websites.

Infolinks– there are four different types of ads on Infolinks: the InFold, InText, InTag, and InFrame. Right now they also have the AdShop that is recommended for businesses. Among all programs, Infolinks is so far the best choice for new publishers because you don’t need to have a minimum number of visitors to get approved. You only have to wait for around 2 days to know the status of your application.

Chitika– their ads usually come in images and videos. If you are an advertiser, you can take advantage of their rich media and banner ads to directly communicate to your market. If you are a publisher, you can benefit from their easy-to-use interface and superb customer support. Chitika is the best option if you are looking for customizable ad placements and color schemes.

Key Takeaways

Just a few tips before you go:
-Research the proper ad placings. Or else, your website will look cluttered.
-Choose a proper size. The rule here is to keep things in their proportion.
-Don’t let your ads overpower your content. You will lose your credibility with too many advertisements.


Hope This Helps

Ian Leishman

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