5 Great Online Sources of Leads for Your B2B Lists

The B2B market is a competitive one, and your business can use all the help it can get,to get more leads.

Your own marketing efforts is the best place for getting leads.

You can bring down marketing costs and get targeted leads for your email list by looking up the right resources online.

These resources can help you develop a database of leads based on region, industry, size of organization, and other parameters.

Such a list can then be worked upon by you and whittled down to the most promising leads.
ReadyContacts – ReadyContacts provides large and small businesses with a database of decision makers who are most relevant to their business.

It generates lists for you based on specific requirements that you give them.

The human element, in the form of an expert sales research team, lets this company provide your business with a very streamlined and effective list that has a positive effect on your marketing ROI.
Hoovers – Hoovers lets you build your email list and reach out to them in double quick time because of its solutions that put you in touch with custom leads without having to go through a maze.

You save time.

Hoover has 85 million companies in its database and more than 100 million employees for you to choose from.
Avention – Avention provides your business with data and the tools to obtain insight from data.

It brings sales and marketing on the same page so that informed decisions can be taken in real time.

The Avention OneSource platform will connect with your existing CRM system and help you clean existing data so that it makes more sense to you.
Netprospex – Netprospex by Dun and Bradstreet powers your demand generation engine by handing you targeted leads that actually matter.

With this software, you can analyze the data, clean it, link it to relevant data, and run campaigns that boost your bottom line.
Connect – Connect, by Salesforce.com, is a full system that lets you manage your sales pipeline and run exhaustive campaigns based on relevant data.

Email people based on concrete insight offered by Connect.

Spend more time targeting the right leads.

Email the right people and save money by not wasting time on poor quality leads.

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