5 Listbuilding Mistakes that You Must Absolutely Avoid

Listbuilding is a basic tool that every internet marketer must utilize to make money online.

Done right, listbuilding will make you money.

But there’s always a chance that you may go about the process in the wrong way.

You stand to lose precious customers.

Let us take a quick look at things you should avoid when listbuilding.
1. Not posting regularly is a big no-no, unless of course you have your readers eating out of the palm of your hand.

Before you make a pitch for a product or service, you need to build a relationship and the best way to do so is through regular communication.
2. Ignoring the personal touch is detrimental to the health of your list.

You need the people on the list to connect with your ideas and indeed you.

Your communication should have a personal touch. Personal branding is the name of the game.

When it’s time to make a pitch, your readers will be receptive when they have a connection with you.
3. Treat your list as a commodity to be used and you’ll have people unsubscribing faster than you can type the word.

Give them a lot of value through your email newsletters. Engage with your audience, make them feel wanted.
4. Letting things take their own course is as good as not doing anything.

If you’ve decided to get down to building a list then you need to put in all your efforts into it.

Don’t let your list building efforts meander or you won’t get anywhere close to making money from your lists.

Keep at it and work hard to not only add new members but also retain existing ones by regularly interacting with them and offering as much customized content as possible.
5. Not following up on your offers will pull your email marketing down.

On the other hand, if you follow up with your list on a given offer or even multiple offers, your chances of getting them to buy will increase.

You need to follow up at least five times on an offer. How you schedule it and the frequency of posting is totally up to you.

But if you think that your work is over after making an offer, then you’re mistaken.

You won’t net any sales this way.

Email marketing is a fun way to make money. Once you have a list, you have an audience that will pay attention to what you have to say.

Choose your words carefully and don’t ever slacken your pace of listbuilding…the money is indeed in the list.

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