5 Tactics to Generate More Traffic Using Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of increasing the quantity of traffic to your site using organic search results.

Organic search results pertain to data that appear due to their congruity to a search term. Contrary to the myth, SEO is not just a fancy trick that people use to attract more site visitors. In fact, it’s what Google uses to show the sites with high-quality content. They even penalize those who use “black hat” tricks or those who do keyword stuffing, plagiarizing, and spamming on comments.

SEO is important in business. It improves user engagement and can convert your visitors into customers. Here are some ways you can use SEO to generate more traffic to your website:

1. Research keywords.

You may use a tool such as the Google AdWords Keyword Planner to find the right keywords for every topic.
If you want to include long-tail keywords or more specific keywords, you may try using a tool that can generate long-tail keywords. Below are some well-known tools that you can use for free:
-Keywords Everywhere
-Keyword Shitter

2. Work on your site’s speed.

Website speed is one of the important things to consider when talking about on-page SEO. If you are not sure how fast or slow your website is, consider using a tool like Pingdom or GTmetrix to test your website speed.

Below are some tips to guide you in case you need some help in optimizing your site’s speed:

-Compress images. Pictures play a huge part in any blog. A large image usually contains more data, so you might want to consider resizing them before including them in your blog post.

-Limit your plugins. The thing with plugins is that they are hard to remove. Regardless of the fact that WordPress can work just fine on its own, plugins can make your site look better because of their functionality. Remove inactive plugins as much as possible.

3. Optimize your images.

As mentioned earlier, pictures are important in blogging. If you want to optimize your photos for SEO purposes, it’s best to use your own photo than rely on stock photos. What if you can’t get your own photos? Try some alternatives. Use unique photos than simply downloading the commonly used images on stock photo websites.

Another way, and among the best practices, is to use the right file name for your pictures. For example, if your blog post is about working from home, change the file name to work-from-home.jpg than using its original name.

4. Build links.

Internal linking or simply interlinking makes it easy for your readers to find more content on your website. How about external linking?

Some writers avoid linking to other websites, believing that they will lose their own traffic. But believe it or not, external links can also help improve your own traffic especially if you link to high-ranking sites in your niche.

5. Prioritize the quality of your content.

Content is king! When writing content for your website, always use the focus keyword in the first paragraph.

SEO is a lot more competitive than ever. According to HubSpot, as much as 92% of companies that blog multiple times per day have acquired a customer from their blog. Using the right tactics, you can use SEO to increase not just your traffic but also your leads and sales.


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