An online mag is a publication published on the web, through bulletin panel systems and other kinds of public computer sites. Among the first publications to convert from a printing journal format to being online only was the computer publication Datamation.
Some online periodicals distributed through the internet call themselves webzines. An ezine (also spelled e-zine) is a far more specialized term correctly used for small publications and newsletters written by any electric method, for example, by e-mail (e-mail/email, see Zine). Some interpersonal groups might use the conditions cyberzine and hyperzine when discussing electronically allocated resources. In the same way, some online publications may make reference to themselves as “electronic newspapers” or “e-magazines” to reveal their readership demographics or even to capture alternative conditions and spellings in online queries.
An online journal stocks some features with a blog and also with online newspaper publishers, but can usually be recognized by its method of editorial control. Journals routinely have editors or editorial planks who review submissions and perform an excellent control function to ensure that material fulfills the anticipations of the web publishers (those making an investment time or profit its development) and the readership.
Many large print-publishers now provide digital duplication of their print out magazine headings through various online services for a price. These companies also make reference to their collections of the digital format products as online journals, and sometimes as digital newspapers.
Some online web publishers have begun posting in multiple digital types, or dual digital platforms, that can include both HTML version that appear to be traditional webpages and Flash variations that appear similar to traditional newspapers with digital flipping of webpages.
Online mags representing matters appealing to specialists in or societies for academics subjects, technology, trade or industry are usually known as online journals.

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