7 Affiliate Marketing Trends to Stay in 2018

The year 2017 was a big one for the affiliate marketing world. Today it is already a multi million-dollar industry. If you are an affiliate marketer, I would like to congratulate you. Your future looks bright.

In 2016, a forecast conducted by Rakuten Marketing revealed that affiliate marketers will contribute as much as $7 billion of sales by 2020. That’s huge!

But of course, succeeding in affiliate marketing involves a few techniques. It is not as simple as putting links or banners on your website, in hopes that someone would actually click them and purchase.

In 2018, here are some trends that will still make it:

The use of quality content. SEO-wise, Google favours sites with good content. This is the main reason why authoritative blog posts tend to rank higher on search engines. Publish content that is around 500-1,000 words and make sure it is not copied from other websites.

Cross-device tracking– Switching devices to shop online is quite common among today’s consumers. Commission Junction is one of the affiliate networks that utilizes a solution to this device-switching trend.

Going mobile– A study conducted in 2014 revealed that 46% of all affiliate clicks were from mobile users. If you are planning to use affiliate banners, go for mobile-friendly banners. Revenue Hits, for instance, allows you to create your mobile placements.

Choosing a specific niche category- A niche is a highly specialized market. According to Neil Patel, it’s easier to market your products with a specific niche in mind. If you still have not decided on a niche, start by researching the top websites worldwide. Based on Neil’s example, some of the results revealed a travel and a clothing store. Well, that’s still a broad niche. You can make that niche more specific by going to community-based sites such as Quora.

Inserting affiliate links on your popular posts- A smart way to do this is to include only one affiliate link for every 1,000 words. Going overboard will make you look spammy.

Using visuals- Around 90% of marketers said they used visual content in more than half of the articles they published. The visuals vary- you can use the widely used stock photos, your original graphics, videos, charts or data, GIFs, and memes. I guess this trend is the one that will stay forever. Because a post without any visual is not engaging.

Taking advantage of “Influencer marketing”- the last and also the most important is to gain your readers’ trust. It’s important to establish a relationship with your readers.

Before I go, here are some tips to help you go along in your affiliate marketing journey:

-There is no one-size fits-all in affiliate marketing. Some techniques could work for you and could not.
-Don’t wait too long to start with affiliate marketing. Sure, you may still have a lot of questions especially if you are a beginner. But one of the best things I learned from Michelle of Making Sense of Cents is starting now.

Until Next Time

Ian Leishman

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