7 Handy Tricks for Increasing Website Conversions

The tips given below could and ideally should help you get email signups and also website conversions, i.e., sales from your online store.

At the very least, these tried and tested ideas should stoke your creativity and inspire you to adapt these to your own selling and list-building circumstances.

1. A small tweak with the Call to Action can tilt the visitor’s perception in your favor and he can sign up for your trial course, free offering, or newsletter. As a rule of thumb, make it a little personal. For example, instead of “Sign up for your free course”, make it “Sign up for my free course”.
2. Place signup forms in places where they will be seen. There are seven high-converting spots that you should try out and decide how many you’d like to keep. If your blog design and your content assures of a seamless experience for the reader, then keep all seven. These include the feature box, the top of the sidebar, at the end of a blog post, on the footer, on the about page, at the top of the page, and the lightbox popup.
3. Insert signup boxes within posts. Be judicious with this. Use this technique with posts that allow you offer something over and above what you’ve offered in the post. Maybe the signup can serve to provide access to really great content in the form of videos, video transcripts, or some very worthwhile insider tip. This idea is a cool one and with a little creativity, you can get a steady supply of signups from this single trick.
4. Give visitors the option to sign up via their LinkedIn and Facebook IDs. Social sign ins are supported via LinkedIn API or Facebook Connect. It saves visitors time, they don’t have to fill up a form.
5. Create buttons that catch the eye and are not the kind that get bypassed because the reader is already fatigued by seeing such buttons. Experiment with the shape and size of the button. Apart from placement of the signup box and the copy, the button design is the single-most important element in getting people to click.
6. Use action verbs that nudge the visitor to take the action that will benefit him. Phrases such as “grab your copy”, “ buy it and benefit forever” are two examples. You get the picture, though.
7. Try using an image of a person or people looking smilingly at the signup box on the lead capture page. It directs the visitor’s attention to the box.

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