7 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog


Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online. If you have good traffic, you will make good money. It sounds dead simple, right?

However, many bloggers struggle with getting good traffic. After all, there are millions of blogs out there and more blogs are created each day. That means you need to exert extra effort to stand out from a sea of bloggers.

If you want to go from zero to thousands of visits and get your posts on the first page of search engines, here are some tricks you might want to do from now on:

1. Write highly valuable content.

Once you’re done setting up the blog, craft contents that will surely get lots of traffic.

The following are the types of articles that will drive traffic to your blog:

-How to’s





2. Convert your visitors into email subscribers.

Offering freebies is one of the effective ways to encourage your readers to subscribe to your mailing list. Below are some freebies you could give your readers:




Of course, freebies are not just limited to digital products. You can create something that will match your niche. For example, Copyblogger gives their subscribers an instant access to their marketing training. There’s no wondering why they already have more than 300,000 marketers subscribed on their mailing list.

3. Create catchy titles

A reader will likely check out your post if it has an interesting title. A good title should not only contain the right keywords for it to appear in the search engines. It should also be attention-grabbing. You could do it by posing a question, using powerful words, and using emotional triggers.

4. Share on social media

Each post should contain “social sharing buttons.” If you are using Pinterest to promote, it would also help to have a Pinterest button right on your images.

You can save a lot of time by using media management tools like HootSuite and Buffer. These tools schedule all your social media posts in one go.

5. Post consistently.

Delivering great content on a regular basis is one of the habits of successful bloggers. Create a schedule so you will have a routine for your blog posts and stick to that schedule.

6. Collaborate with others.

What’s great about working with others is that it allows you to expand your network or grow your following. Collaborating is not limited to guest posting. You could also create webinars or a new product with other fellow bloggers.

7. Optimize your layout.

The last but not the least concerns the general aesthetic of your site. Can readers easily navigate to your site? Does it show your popular posts as well as the relevant posts? It is needless to say that a beautiful web design is a must yet many bloggers do not even bother checking how their sites look on other mobile devices. Generate a fullscreen preview of your website on various platforms by using apps like Browsershot, Testsize, and BrowseEmAll.

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