7 Steps to Boost Your Newsletter Open Rates

Your email marketing efforts are only as good as your open rates. Your open rates depend on a number of factors.

Get these things in order and you could see a jump in not only open rates but also conversions.

That is natural. When open rates increase, conversions will follow.

Let’s take a look at how to boost open rates.

1. Your subject line is the biggest influencer when it comes to getting readers to click on emails.Even if your readers know that you provide them with informational content, give them a reason to open your emails. Test opening lines till you hit upon a formula that works. Simple words that excite curiosity, promise knowledge or savings usually work well.

2. Address the recipient of the email. Personalized communication works a hundred times better than drab general salutations and opening lines. This is the key to creating engaging newsletters and learning more about your recipients. This information comes in handy when you create buyer personas.

3. Fulfill the expectations raised by the newsletter subject lines. There’s no way around creating great content. In an ideal situation, you would offer them unique information or at the very least information in a different format. If you’ve got subject matter expertise then you simply must use it and build a list. A list gives you a captive audience that you can address one-on-one.

4. Have a professional email ID but have it in your name. Consider which email would you rather open, one with the name of a person or one with the name of a department?

5. Timing matters a lot. You will have to find out the best time of the day and the best day of the week when your emails record the maximum views. You can find out information about this online. Weekends are a time for fun emails, Mondays are basically a no-no. Mid-week too is a good time for sending out emails.

6. Segment your lists so that you can create targeted content. Frequency of interaction, their responses, job titles, etc are some of the factors that will help you create targeted content.

7. Avoid using words that will send your mail straight to the spam filters. This will hurt open rates and also break communication with your readers, some of whom may be prize customers. The best way to avoid spam filters is to write with genuine interest and have the reader’s well-being in mind.

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