8 Failproof List building Techniques for Every Internet Marketer

8 Failproof List building Techniques for Every Internet Marketer

There are two home truths in internet marketing that will never change.

Google algorithms will come and go; however, these two aspects of marketing will continue to matter.

One is that there is money in the list – the list of email subscribers. The other is that one-way backlinks will always matter a lot.
Let us take a look at the former truth today. List building is an art and a craft, and once you know how to build a list, you can sell repeatedly to that list.



Let’s Go Through The 8 Steps

Step 1

The very first thing that you need to do right is to give prospective newsletter signees a reason to part with their email.

It could be a neat freebie that is of value to them or the promise of great information through your newsletters. Free whitepapers work well.

Step 2

The emails you send should have great content…make that great and unique content. The stuff should be shareworthy. It need not be complicated.

A simple piece of information in the newsletter followed by a link to a quiz on your site will work fine.

Step 3

Make your email readers feel special. Offer them early-bird discounts on your products.

If you’re running an affiliate marketing program, give them higher commissions. Coupons are another idea.

Think creatively about the tangible benefits you can offer your subscribers so that they’ll stay and spread the word about your business.

Step 4

Make sure your email marketing is compatible with mobile devices.

That’s where the bulk of the traffic has moved to over the past three years. Mobiles lead desktops in internet usage.

Step 5

On your blog, place your call for signups where it is most likely to be seen. Your “About Page” is a great place to place your opt-in form.

It is imperative that your call for signup is backed by social proof. Let the prospects know how others are benefiting.

Placing the opt-in box on the About Page gives you an opportunity to give readers an inside peek into your personality.

If, along with the content, they also like you then that’s great. It’s the first step to adding a personal touch to the relationship.

Step 6

Use pop-ups. They work. There are enough and more bloggers out there who’ll testify to this.

If you’re list building efforts have plateaued, then adding a popup offering subscription will kickstart the process for you.

Step 7

Put great content on your site and link content upgrades to subscription.

Share hacks, tips, tricks, and some actionable information and promise more with a content upgrade.

If your teaser content has been good, readers will readily subscribe to benefit from the additional content.

Step 8

List building is a marketing technique. It rides on the back of the kind of value you offer.

Value is paramount and also the key differentiator. In order to succeed with linkbuilding, you should first focus on creating value.

Your content should be great and useful; the products you sell should offer value for money.

And, this should show on your web pages and lead capture page.

Use social media to spread the word. Once, you’re confident that you are indeed offering value and are capable of sustaining it, then go for the list.

That’s where the money is.

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