Big Data for B2B Lead Generation – How does it help?

Big Data for B2B Lead Generation – How does it help?

B2B lead generation efforts need not be one long-drawn battle between sales and marketing.

The quality of leads need not be poor and the cost of acquisition need not be prohibitive.

In fact, the second mentioned point is often at the crux of the matter.

It is not easy to generate a high volume of quality leads in the B2B segment.

On an average, four out of hundred demand generation activities yield the desired results.

Today, most B2B enquiries originate online.

Data in the world of B2B transactions is not easy to obtain, because the transactions are not on the scale found in B2C transactions.

Structuring that data to understand the different stages in a customer’s life and providingthe right kind of information and help at the right time is of vital importance.

Marketing automation tools can work only with data; in the absence of data,

such tools throw up outcomes that are no more than intelligent guesses.

This does not have to be the case.

With tools to scour and mine the internet, B2B marketers have access to data like they’ve not had earlier.

Apart from data being mined from the net, B2B marketers have their own email and other interactions with prospects.

The combination of these two allows businesses to approach predictive intent with a great deal of assurance.

This data influence customer engagement, which in turn generates more pertinent data for use,

such as segmentation, targeting, and planning interaction with audiences at each stage of their journey.

This lays the foundation for a data-driven process based on scientific principles rather than intuition and guesswork.

At the core of this activity is technology that draws co-relations between facts gathered from the net and social factors along with financial reporting behaviour.

Leads thus scored by marketing offer the sales teams a lot of meat to bite on.

They can work with such leads

B2B marketers now have big data tools to enlighten them on what their prospects are searching for online.

It is worth understanding that big data is not just a lot of data; that’s easily available.

It is rich data culled from a lot of different sources and it gives a much more rounded picture to marketers.

It helps take a lot of guesswork out of lead generation and nurturing.

This data, when placed against, historical data that you already have,

delivers insights that you can work on things such as customer acquisition,

lead nurturing and scoring, finding out the strong leads, cross selling, up selling, and customer retention.

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