How to Build a Killer Email List via Pinterest

How to Build a Killer Email List via Pinterest

Pinterest has more than 100 million users and among all the big social media networks, Pinterest users spend the most money – yes, they spend more than what folks on Facebook do.

Your leads are there on Pinterest. Are you?

Let’s take a look at how you can generate leads for your email newsletter from Pinterest.

It’s actually quite simple.

There are indirect leads and direct leads, and you must put your eggs in both these baskets.

Direct leads direct readers from the pins to your landing page where you plan to get the reader’s email for your list.

Indirect leads arrive at a blog post from your pin.

From there, the blog post directs them to the lead generation landing page.

Spend some time coming up with an idea for boards.

Create a board that you think will resonate with your audience, get traffic to your website, and also repins.

With some trial and error, you will get an idea of what works and what does not.

Pinterest particularly suits businesses in niches that are image and video friendly.

So, if you are looking to build an email list for your recipe website, real estate listings business, garments business, video editing online business, or your ecommerce website, then you are in luck because Pinterest will really help you get visitors.

The trick with Pinterest is the same as with textual content – it has to be engaging.

Visitors to your pin will appreciate pins that tell a story, show them how to do something, teach them a life hack, or makes them laugh.

Your subject should be such that there is an interest in the subject.

Some research on Google will tell you about topics that are evergreen in your niche.

Create pins on those.

Also, keep an eye out for topical stuff that can send you spurts of traffic if you can successfully ride the crest of event-specific waves.

For examples, recipes for Halloween or tickets for sporting events.

Research shows that taller images, images that use warmer colors, images with medium lightness, and those that show happy faces are repinned more.

More repins mean more chances of eyeballs for your content and then more traffic.

Avoid dark images.

The most important thing, along with choosing the right pins, is to use appropriate text to describe the pins.

The copy should be of around 200 characters including the link.

You can use a link shortener.

Use keywords intelligently.

Remember to use a hashtag of two, where applicable.

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