Clever and Actionable Lead Generation Tips for Entrepreneurs – Part One

Lead generation is central to making money online. You need to be able to drive buying traffic to your website. Lead generation is a very fruitful and enjoyable exercise.

There are many things that you can do to generate good quality leads.

The only catch is that you need to be at it all time and keep tweaking till you arrive at a few good techniques that work best for you.
Videos for your products and services will always work. Why? Because we are visual learners.

Product explainer videos can give you leads at the rate of 33%. What is your present lead generation rate?

Even if it is high, you should use this method because audio-visual explanations are easier to absorb and retain.

An additional benefit of videos is that you can post them across social media sites and use the transcript of videos as articles.

You can thus make the most of this form of content.

Another thing that you can do with videos is to link them with email signups.

Gated videos can get you emails, particularly if you’re content is good.

In fact, for your videos to be of any use to visitors and you, they have to be smashingly good.

It’s really neat when you have tons of data backed information to use for your lead generation pages.

For example, research shows that by eliminating the word “spam” from your signup form, you can boost leads by up to 18%.

A statement like “Don’t Worry, We Will Never Spam You” actually goes against you.

It’s a known fact that when you offer more choices on your sign up page, you inadvertently make choosing more difficult.

You need to simplify the selection process. So, go with only one call to action.

Encourage them to take the said action.

Focus all your writing and marketing skills on nudging the visitor to take that one action that could give you an immediate sale or a lead via an email.

Your “About” page is much more than what its name suggests.

You can use it to generate leads by impressing first-time visitors.

Do not let your “About” page remain a drab collection of text.

Spruce it up and place an email signup box there. You will not regret it.

The best and likeliest buyers are those that arrive to your page via targeted searches.

That’s pure organic traffic and the best way to reach out to these guys is through blogs.

Blog consistently, your leads will increase.

More in the next post…

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