Clever and Actionable Lead Generation Tips for Entrepreneurs – Part Two

Let’s pick up the threads from the last post on some really cool and actionable ways to generate more leads.

In the previous article, we learned about using videos, limiting choices, making the “About” page work for you, and creating content for blogs.

In this post, let us discover the value of creating evergreen content, using social media.

Evergreen content is the kind that can get you traffic and backlinks for years to come.

Topical and newsworthy items will get you a rush of traffic, but is not that great for generating leads.

You can, maybe, get clicks on ads from such content and make an income but if you really wish to be a member of the big league then evergreen content is the way to go.

Optimize it for your chosen keywords.

Long articles are well-received by Google and a sign up box placed at the end of such an article will get you emails for your list.

Many such posts with strong calls to action will get you high converting organic traffic.

You can develop an entire email list building and lead generation strategy around social media.

Identify the opinion influencers on twitter and Facebook and get them to share your content.

You can increase the reach of your content exponentially if popular posters share it.

It needs time, because you cannot just get them to do it.

You need to convince them, maybe offer them a freebie or two, make it worth their while.

Use twitter to look up people mentioning your products or your competitor’s products.

Converse with them, they are potential leads and some of them could give you sales very soon.

Use Quora to your advantage.

Popular posts on Quora get a lot of views and you are allowed to link back to your website.

Quora can send you a regular stream of traffic to your website.

Build partnerships. An example of that is affiliate marketing.

Another example is of joint ventures.

Two guys, one with a product and another with the traffic, team up for making sales and split the profits.

Partnerships are a great way to quickly move ahead in business.

You gain from the strengths of your partners.

Look up how JVs work, you could make a lot more money with this route and very quickly too.

Implement the small but powerful and overlooked methods of generating leads.

Email signatures is one, forum signatures is another.

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