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Morning All,

This morning i want to talk about click intensity. Click intensity is a revenue sharing site where you get lot’s of free traffic for your website or links and you get paid at the same time.

I joined about 3 weeks ago and have been busy building my team just like i’m doing in the other revshare company i’m involved in that i spoke about in my last post.

Click intensity is growing at a huge rate right now with lot’s of signups daily due to how easy it is to make money with and get visitors to your website or links.

My sponsor has signed up 100 people in less than 6 weeks which is excellent and is probably more now as i write this blog post. I’m just really getting started with it now as i’m been concentrating on the other one i’m involved in building up my packs and recruiting people into the business.

So how does it all work then.

Getting started is so easy! you buy a silver adpack for $25 and that gives you 1000 coins to use to advertise your website or links. You then login everyday and click on 10 ads and this is where you make your money from.

Watch the training videos and learn the business, refer others using your own referral links to build your team which gets you more commisions, then duplicate the process with your team.

This is as easy as it gets and you won’t find anything else online as good as this that will make you money for spending 10 mins a day online to click on 10 ads that only last 10 secs an ad.

I have my sponsor to thank for showing me this opportunity as well as the facebook group where there’s over 33,000 members all willing to help you at any time.

Ii’m happy i found these types of businesses where i can now see a great future ahead because of the money i will be making.

Below is two screenshots of my account, i have 30 adpacks just now and i’m going to buy 4 a day until i have 50 and then i will earn enough from the packs to buy 1 pack a day .

The other screen shot you will see my 5 referrals. Any questions just click on the contact me or you can add me on facebook or twitter.

You can signup for FREE and take a look around HERE

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