Email Marketing Basics: Expert Tips To Grow Your Email List

It’s a whole new ball game each day. Any average internet marketer would know that the pace and phase of marketing strategies and channels change in a rapid tempo.

So  whatever might have worked the previous months may not anymore be fit for your business today. With that in mind, you should learn how to adapt to these radical changes and go with the tide.

There is something massive about bringing your business online. That change of landscape allows you to shift the course of your business. It can simply turn the tables around – just like that. With the wide plethora of marketing methods, you can maximize your brand presence and make your business go larger than life.

Why follow the trends when you can stick to what works on the long term? There are marketing strategies that converts and are proven to maximize your profits just like EMAIL MARKETING which has been used and endorsed by many marketing coaches and gurus for over 15 years now. You can even use this tactic alone and still get a 7-figure income.

Oh yes it is true. Not a marketing mumbo jumbo.

A lot of digital marketers talk about the importance of building your email list and that this is the key to business success. Well, these ramblings aren’t just a marketing ploy because a lot of marketing experts and digital entrepreneurs use email marketing to target more sales and they are in fact getting it without even trying too hard or spending too much.

Email is still considered to be the most accepted and effective channel of directly connecting with your target audience and turning them into paying customers.  Luring them into the first base of the sales funnel may sound aggressive or too sales-driven but that wouldn’t appear so with the right look and tone of your emails.

How Can I Set Up My Email Marketing Funnel to Get Started?

How do you build an irresistible email campaign from the ground up? Is there a twisted formula to it? Well, it’s fairly simple once you get started. There’s just too much social media noise out there. Email messages appear to have been replaced by tweets and comments or shares on Facebook. However, the biggest brands still prefer good old email messages for business communications and leave the personal chit-chat activities on social media. Somehow, a lot of people are looking for less chaotic means to communicate and collaborate – that’s when emails take its cue.

Why Email is Still a Top Favorite by Internet Marketers and Businesses?

Aside from the fact that it’s practically a lot more organized and less chaotic than what you are exposed to in social media, emails are built specifically for business and professionals. There are just tools of the trade that you’ve grown comfortable with and simply can’t manage without – like emails. Everything else is just a chip off the old block.

Tips on How to Start an Email Campaign and Build Your List:

  • Define your target audience. You can’t shoot blanks with an email campaign so you have to set a specific target on your desired audience. This is extremely important because you need to identify particular segments of individuals in your audience so that you can send them customized emails. You can boost ROI and engagement altogether with creating personalized emails. The trick to doing emails right is that you have to make your target audience feel special. Your audience would want to feel like they are a cut above the rest and sending out generic emails won’t work. Make your customers feel that email is created specifically for them and the only way to do that is to take cue on their interests and buying behavior. Remember that the more relevant your campaigns are, the more successful it would be. You should also take cue on where the most signups are coming from. Is it from Facebook and Twitter or from the main site? You can use this data to improve your call-to-actions or layouts in these channels.

  • Create your lead magnet. You can dramatically grow your email list with the right lead magnet. This opt-in bribe could vary depending on your target market and niche. As a digital marketer, especially if you are new, you would need to offer an incentive to your target audience in exchange for their contact information and email addresses. A person’s email address is considered sacred and personal so you need to provide your audience a compelling reason or motivation to subscribe. Your lead magnet should demonstrate your expertise, solve a problem or issue at hand, easy to digest, and must be valuable to your target audience. Let’s face it, no one would really leave their emails or contact information without getting something in return. So, your lead magnets must provide benefits that are considered valuable by your target market. Top lead magnets would include digital downloads like free ebooks, case studies, checklists, calendars, planners, reports, email course, generators; and so much more. There are tons of lead magnet ideas and options that you can use for your business.

  • Choose an irresistible subject line. Your open rates depend on this A LOT! Yes, it’s your subject line that is supposed to capture and persuade potential customers to click and read on. You can also test subject lines so you would know which subject lines would work for your target audience.

  • Schedule sending times. Traditionally, email marketers would send emails between 8am to 10am on weekdays because by routine, most people would check their emails during breakfast or first thing in the morning. However, times have changed especially now with the rise of mobile technology. Emails are opened at any hour. A recent email marketing study also showed high open rates (21.7%) and click-through rates from 8pm to 4am. These night owls are also very active all throughout the day. More so, the Experian study has also revealed that 54% of emails are now opened through mobile devices. Weekends, which are considered to be dead hours for email marketing are now lucrative for sending emails because this was also found to have to highest open rates for the week. Well, because the competition is low, this is a definitely a good time for you to be sending emails and take advantage of the low volume of emails coming from other brands.

  • Use high-resolution and high-quality images. People are more visual nowadays and they are drawn to great graphics and images. Images have the ability to engage your target market – effortlessly. Make sure that you use clear and high-quality images that are appropriate to your niche and email copy. People are usually drawn to facial feature so make use of happy faces and professional images depending on your branding needs.

  • Make sure that you have compelling content. Your content should sell – period. Content is king and every internet marketer must provide content that is quick to digest, engaging, easy on the eye, and informative. It should give your customers value that they will find impossible to resist. Most people would just skim on your newsletter so you should provide content that will keep them interested and wanting more information. Establishing yourself as an influencer or expert with your emails can help you get more conversions and brand exposure without cold calling.

  • Make your emails mobile-friendly. Most people check their emails now using their mobile phones. So, you should definitely make sure that your newsletters are mobile-friendly or will fit mobile screens. Make sure too that your site loads fast on mobile because you could lose target consumers with slow loading speeds. With that in mind, opt to test how your email looks like especially the subject line on mobile. Check the loading speed as well. For people who are always on the move, they can’t slow down for anything. Your brand must keep up with the pace to increase your sales.

Email marketing is the cheapest yet most effective way to reach more of your target audience. While you could be competing with myriad of brands that flock on customers’ inboxes, you can cut through the noise with compelling interesting content and enthusiastic tone (without being too salesy). Timing is everything and this also goes true for the frequency of sending emails.

Are you sending too often or too little? You should know how to segment your lists so as not to overwhelm them with unwanted emails and to provide them exactly the information they want. This will eventually increase your open and click-through rates. Create an intuitive and easy to read layout for your emails that will give your target audience lots of opportunities to click through your website. It’s all about user experience and of providing your consumers value. Amidst competition, invest on providing a mobile-friendly website that is catchy, value-based and engaging that will prompt your target consumers to hit subscribe. The challenge that comes next is how to prevent or avoid tendencies to unsubscribe – Well, that’s another story.

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Ian Leishman

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