Email Marketing Statistics that Will Make You Want to Build a List

Email marketing is a rewarding endeavor, but it is also a time consuming one and it requires consistent effort.

People who build a targeted list make money.

And, many of these list builders are either aware of the facts listed below or have an instinct that tells them that there is no alternative to list building.
Hopefully, the stats mentioned below will inspire you to really work on building your list.

The rewards are truly worth the effort.

• This one is easily the most touted fact about email marketing, and is also the biggest reason as to why people pursue email marketing – massive returns on investment.

According to the DMA National Client Email Report of 2015, email marketing has an average ROI of around $38 for every dollar spent.
• Nine out of ten marketers use email as the primary source of lead generation. You only have to take a look at the number of sophisticated software solutions for B2B and B2C customers out there.
• Email data is the main source of analytics data for businesses. They rely heavily on this data for structuring their marketing campaigns.
• 20% of the companies have an ROI of $70. The numbers are even more impressive for some other companies.

Even if you achieve the average ROI mentioned in the first point, you will be doing far better than your competitors who are trying to build a list through PPC.
• Email has long since shifted to mobiles.

Three out of four Gmail users check their emails on smartphones.

That opens up a very different avenue for email marketing. It’s a different device that requires a different format for the content.

• Segmenting your lists will boost clickthrough rates. The average increase is of 5%.

• iPhones account for a third of all the emails opened.

This is a massive piece of information, and if you can tailor your product for Apple users, you are sure to see sales zoom.
• Six out of ten email readers don’t mind a weekly promotional email.

This single piece of information allows you to create entire email marketing campaigns.
• It takes a reader around three seconds to decide whether to read the email or not.

This is why you need to keep on testing your emails till you hit upon one that gives you good open rates and clickthroughs.

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