Facebook Ideas for Generating Leads

Facebook is easily the best platform for engaging users,

generating information from analytics data, and using the data for targeting traffic so that it converts into leads

More than a billion users access Facebook on mobile alone.

The potential number of leads is huge,

and the unique features of mobile marketing mean that you can easily accumulate leads when you target them in a systematic manner.

If you’re not on Facebook generating leads for your business, then you are missing a very useful trick.

You could own a small online store or a mega clicks n’ bricks business, whatever the scale and type of your business.

Facebook lets you generate two types of leads – direct leads and indirect leads.

Direct leads arrive on a lead generation page on your website from a link they click on Facebook.

Here, they share their email ID in exchange of an ebook, whitepaper, or newsletter.

Indirect leads are those that get sent to content outside Facebook,

this content has a call-to-action to direct visitors to the lead generation landing page.

It’s a good idea to use Facebook ads for direct leads and develop an organic presence that can help you generate indirect leads.

As you can see, the latter strategy relies on content.

With planning, you can go far with content and also generate an excellent ROI.

Just think about the user base and network that you can build using content.

Then, when you make a pitch and send this audience to a page with a CTA, a lot of them will respond.

Have a Facebook sign up tab for your newsletter.

Let people sign up for your newsletter from your Facebook page.

It eliminates the step of sending them to a landing page.

Running contests and sweepstakes is an excellent opportunity to accumulate emails.

Such activities are an opportunity to boost engagement and also gain insight into what consumers and leads wish for from your business.

Use the cover of your Facebook page to inform readers that they can sign up for a newsletter or download free goodies in exchange for their email ID.

Use it to drive signups for a webinar.

That piece of real estate on your Facebook page can be used very creatively.

Content and ads are the two drivers for lead generation on Facebook.

Now that you know about the facilities available on Facebook,

there’s no reason why you should not give lead generation an honest try.

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