How to Make Money Blogging with the Help of Pinterest


Pinterest is one huge visual search engine. If you are a blogger and you’re only using Facebook and Twitter to promote your posts, you’re missing out on some good opportunities.

Did you know that this virtual social network has as much as 200 million active users right now? Additionally, Pinterest outranks Facebook as the social media platform for shopping for products.

Benefits of Pinterest for Bloggers

Traffic– the most obvious benefit of Pinterest for businesses. Many bloggers are aware of this but they are not utilizing it to their advantage.
Connections– Pinterest shows people with the same interests, making it easier to get connected.
Inspirations- around 88% of Pinners find new ideas on Pinterest. The good thing about it is that you can save all your pins for future reference.

How to Use Pinterest to Get More Blog Traffic

Create  pinnable content. Blogs focusing on food, home decor, and crafts are visual brands that usually have “pin-worthy” images. But what if your niche is not about these three? You can still come up with pin-worthy pictures! Use text overlays on images and create up to three separate images in a mosaic.
Keep pinning. You don’t have to worry about the limits for boards and pins. You can simply create a new account with another email address if you already reached your limits.

Time your pins. It’s not enough that you just keep on pinning. There is the best time to promote on social media, including Pinterest. If you need help regarding this matter, you may use an app that schedules your pins. Tailwind is an app that you can use to schedule and track your progress through analytics.
Be more personal when creating your pins. Elna of “Twins Mommy” says pins that use personal pronouns such as “I” and “my” generate more click-through for her.

Use relevant keywords on your pins. This is where you SEO skills will be helpful. Don’t forget to include those important words on your title and pin summary. You may also use hashtags in your pin description.
Include the link directly to your site. This makes Pinterest a traffic-generating platform. Once a user clicks on your pin, you can direct them straight to your blog post.

Engage on Pinterest. The easiest way to do this is to pin original and relevant content. When you are consistent in pinning good content, gaining followers will no longer be a problem. Another way to engage in this platform is to follow back those who followed you.

Lastly and most importantly, include a “pin it” button on your blog! This makes it easier for your friends or followers to share your content.

There is no doubt that Pinterest is a hidden gem for businesses. It can be a powerful tool in bringing in more traffic to your website. If you haven’t tried Pinterest to promote your blog entries, there is no best time to start but now!


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