How to Use Email Marketing to Stand Out

Email marketing is the oldest form of reaching out to people back when Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were not yet invented. Now that these social media sites are taking over, should internet marketers still rely on email marketing to get to their audience?

The big answer is YES. Email marketing remains an effective form of marketing online even at a time when social media or blogging gets a lot more attention from the online community. The question is how will you use this method to stand out from the competition? Below are foolproof ways you can succeed in email marketing:

Set up an automated campaign

Writing emails for each of your customers is a monstrous task, especially if you have dozens of them on your mailing list. Save yourself from the burden by taking advantage of email marketing automation. Aweber, Getresponse, and Scope are some of the well-known email automation tools that offer Email services.

These apps are your best bet when sending transactional emails. These messages are also called trigger messages because they trigger your subscribers to respond based on specific events.

Tip: Make sure to proofread, test, and edit your emails even after using a copywriting app. Also, check if there are misaligned images or blatant typos before hitting the send button.

Use delightful images

In his post, well-known content marketing influencer Jeff Bullas stressed the importance of including images in your marketing. It’s true, everyone’s got their camera in their pocket through camera phones. Take note that we do not only live in a dynamic era. Humans, in general, are visual creatures.

We tend to be more engaging on posts or ads containing stunning images. That means boring emails is a big NO-NO! If you want, you can even use GIFs to catch your reader’s attention.

Create exclusive content

Keep your subscribers engaged by sending them exclusive content. Brand and web designer Kory Woodard shared some tips when it comes to creating valuable content for your subscribers.

Kory emphasized the significance of asking your subscribers what they want or need. One way to identify their needs is by checking some questions on your previous blog posts and answering them on email.

Keep the emails simple

Did you know that your readers would likely spend only around 15 seconds reading their emails from Android devices?

If you want your messages noticed, it is best to keep the message short and sweet.

One more thing and something that many email marketers forget: Don’t buy an email list. That will make you look spammy.

Building your email list is a tedious task. But remember one important rule on marketing in general. There is no magic bullet that will bring in more subscribers to your blog!

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