Ideas for Designing Cool Lead Magnets

Landing page design is at the heart of website conversions, and the manner in which you design your lead magnets is central to the success of your landing pages.

What are lead magnets?

Lead magnets are offers that you make to induce people to exchange their email ids for the offers.

A good offer packaged smartly can become a great offer, while a very cool offer that is not packaged that well could deliver a subpar performance.

A properly designed lead magnet attracts eyeballs.

Not only this, your webpage design should ensure that the reader’s vision is directed to the lead magnet – the great offer you’re making.

Do this and you will definitely notice an increase in opt-ins.

Remember, lead magnets are the crucial bridge between you and visitors who have arrived on your site but are not quite ready to make a purchase.

Moreover, eight out of ten visitors will not come back.

You will have to hunt for fresh traffic or you build an email list…by using lead magnets.

If you’re offering a tool or a free service, design your offer to stand out from the copy and give the user who signs up a demonstration of the tool immediately after he signs up.

An exit detection pop up that offers something of value is a great lead magnet.

Offer something related to the page that the customer is on.

For example, you could offer email notifications when a discount sale is on or when a given product is available for less.

You could offer them a content upgrade in exchange of their email IDs.

A well-designed quiz is an excellent lead magnet because it gets the reader involved.

Email them their scores…voila! You have their email IDs.

There’s some really neat psychology in this.

Once people have invested some minutes in the quiz, they would want to know the score, and in that frame of mind, they won’t really mind sharing their email ID.

You can apply this bit of psychology elsewhere too.

Let them share their scores on social media and you’ll get traffic from social media.

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