At the Junction of Customer Relationship Management and Lead Generation – Part Two

A good leads management system does not have to be expensive.

In addition, having one in place will give your sales team a platform for sharing lead details,

ensuring that lead details remain updated and organized, and ensure that your decision-making is based on the latest information.

A CRM system helps you nurture leads because the leads are organized in an efficient manner.

You will, for example, have a good idea on which leads will respond best to offers and deals.

This brings down the costs of acquisition and gives you a better marketing ROI.

The CRM segregates leads based on their address, gender, age, needs, ethnicity,

preferences, income, and other attributes that you think are a requirement for managing leads for your business.

With a leads management system, you can give your faceless leads attributes that will enable you to target them systematically.

Speed up the leads nurturing process so that you can make the best use of a window of time available before the sales season arrives.

Understanding your audience will also allow you to tweak your landing page and accompanying messages;

if you’re planning to use PPC ads then you can alter them too for more effectiveness.

With information on prospects’ personas,

you can focus attempts at lead generation on channels that are most likely to get you traffic.

For example, if you get leads through Facebook,

then it makes sense to target your efforts there and then follow up through email marketing.

Alternatively, you get great leads via PPC. Is your content good enough to send organic leads to your business?

CRM segregates leads based on the origin and you can understand about the quality and quantity of leads generated.

With data on all the variables that influence leads available across various channels,

you can tweak these variables until you arrive at a happy mix of great conversions and cost per conversion for the different channels.

For you to benefit from the synergy of lead generation and CRM,

it is vital that you have a system in place to first generate leads so that the sales pipeline always has something to work with.

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Until Next Time

Ian Leishman

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