Lead Generation for Dentists

Lead Generation for Dentists

Running a dental practice can be difficult.

In theory, it should be easy.

An ever burgeoning population with deteriorating oral care habits means that dentists should have their chairs always occupied.

That is, indeed the case with some dentists but many practices languish because prospects simply do not know that there’s a good dentist in their area.

They will travel for miles downtown for an appointment.

If this is the case with you, these patients should ideally be your customers.

How do you get them to your clinic?

It’s easy, first you need to tell them about it; second, you need to convince them why your clinic is the best alternative for them.

Basically, you have to hunt for prospects, generate leads, and then convert those leads into customers who will most likely give you repeat business.

Yes, that’s the beauty of becoming a dentist. Do a good job and you’ll get a patient for life and that patient will get others too to your clinic.

Online lead generation works great for dentists.

People do all their searching online. Having a website promoting your business will help you.

Putting up content, images and videos of your clinic, and patient referrals will enthuse prospective people to come to you.

It’s an opportunity to assure people that you have the skills to extract teeth painlessly, place veneers, and treat cavities.

People need such assurances with dentists.

The site should be optimized for search engines and have a well-crafted landing page.

Add your business’s details to review sites and claim your business on Google.

Encourage existing patients to post reviews on Google, so that others may read and form, hopefully, a positive opinion of your business.

Post videos on YouTube answering common queries about procedures, common misconceptions about dental care, the hazards of neglecting timely treatment, costs, etc.

Instructional videos are a great way to catch audience attention.

You can write articles about the very same subjects and post these to your website; this is known as repurposing of content.

It will save you time, effort, and money because generating fresh content ideas will become difficult over time.

Apart from your website, wherever else you post content, make it a point to insert a link that directs visitors to your website.

Once there, you can suggest a signup via a popup or a landing page.

Offer them a freebie, like a small discount on the first visit if they sign up, or a very useful guide on dental care for children.

It’s up to you. Once signed up, communicate with them, build your brand, create a personal rapport, and surely they will come to your business.

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