Lead Generation Page Mistakes that Will Hurt Conversions

List building, a.k.a lead generation can be carried out very effectively by dedicating a landing page purely for capturing leads.

Let us take a quick look at mistakes, which people often make when trying to build lists.

Avoid these mistakes or eliminate them from your lead generation page, and you’ll see your conversions improve and your list grow.

People who do not use a dedicated landing page lose out on potential leads.

The first and foremost thing to do is to have a dedicated landing page.

People have made hundreds of thousands of dollars by directing traffic to dedicated landing pages.

You can too! A dedicated landing page exists to fulfill a specific objective, and you can really tweak it till it shines in every aspect.

Link the page to a single goal, a solitary objective…of getting email signups.

You’ll see that this works better than sending traffic to the home page of a website.

Using weak copy and a hard-to-locate CTA button is a big no-no. Prime the reader to take action.

The copy leading to the call-to-action button must be solid.

Moreover, it should give the reader clarity on what he’ll achieve by clicking the CTA button.

Does it result in a free download, a free movie ticket, a free consultation call with you, or a free subscription?

Often landing pages come with links leading to external pages.

This gives visitors an option that you don’t want them to have.

You want their undivided attention. You don’t want them to investigate what the “Home” page looks like.

Remove all links pointing to other pages. Keep a link only to the CTA. And, do not have more CTAs than necessary.

A cluttered landing page trying to accomplish too many things will accomplish very little.

Keep the landing page tidy so that the message is easy to assimilate.

Forms placed below the fold perform poorly as compared to forms placed above the fold.

As a rule of thumb, the form should be placed such that visitors can view it without scrolling down.

The reason for this is simple, you need to place your strongest points in front of the reader’s vision as quickly as possible.

If your web copy has convinced him to sign up, then let him do so without having to scroll for it.

To woo your readers, tell them about the benefits of your offering. Don’t tell them about the features.

Let them know about what’s there in it for them. Spell it out.

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