Lead Generation through Mobile Apps

Lead Generation through Mobile Apps

There is a mobile app for everything.

Lead generation and nurturing too can be effectively carried out through apps.

Mobile apps bring with them tremendous utility for marketers who wish to initiate customer engagement and generate sales over time.

With mobile apps, you can maintain communication with your clients and ensure that there is no break in communication.

Mobile apps extend to all the mediums used by customers to interact with brands.

Mobile apps enable lead generation in multiple ways –

1. Mobile apps allow you to collect accurate data on customer location,

phone model, carrier, etc.

Apps allow you to take customer profiling to another level.

You can learn about their location;

shoot off location-specific messages and calls to action, and come up with specialized content.

You can create push notifications to inform subscribers about deals, discounts,

latest products in their area or when they are within driving and walking distance of your store.

2. Mobile apps are an opportunity to glean personal information from subscribers by inviting them to online events and offline gatherings.

You request their presence in exchange of free stuff. Make them feel special.

3. Mobile apps can easily be marketed as a useful tool to subscribers because of the value they provide.

Users can track loyalty points, get the first dibs on new products and sales,

become a part of a community,

exchange idea…basically have a richer experience when interacting with your business.

A simple two-step subscription process initiates an app download.

The process of information gathering continues even after a lead becomes a customer.

That is the beauty of marketing with mobile apps.

4. Mobile apps place your business phone number a simple click away.

Subscribers desirous of making a purchase, either on impulse or after consideration,

can easily dial your number and contact your sales department.

This is a huge advantage over other means of lead generation that do not offer this

facility of immediate and direct communication for doubt resolution,

information gathering, and generating a sale.

5. Mobile apps are faster and handier than emails.

You can easily send small nuggets of information and reminders via apps.

The app also serves to prime subscribers about email newsletters,

encourage them to read the letter, participate in a quiz, or download a podcast.

User engagement with correctly timed push notifications can be very high.

It beats email open rates any day.

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