Money Is Weird

Money is so weird

Well it’s a true saying! you learn something new everyday.
yesterday i learnt that it costs 2.4 cents to create a penny
and the money being used to create those pennies comes from
tax payers who are paying to have money created that isn’t
even worth the value it represents.

That is so MESSED up.

And i bet you never knew that money
is no longer connected to gold?
The gold standard was dropped 40 years ago.
So what does that now mean?
It means that banks can now create as much
paper money as they want and this has a bad effect on our economy.

I am learning all about these things to do with
money in this company that I am a member of,
it’s called iCoinPro and they are teaching people
just like you and me about old money and new money
for example: Bitcoin and all other types of cryptocurrency.

This is a great platform to learn all about cryptocurrencies.

So if you want a solid foundation to learm more about
the future of money (cryptocurrencies)
you can learn more HERE

Talk Soon

Ian Leishman

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