MyPayingAds Progress

MyPayingAds Progress

Just a quick update on how i’m doing with mypayingads.

I joined mypayingads in early 2015.

I bought 2 credit packs for $5 each then started to click on the 10 ads everyday to get a share of the profits from all the packs people purchase.

On january 2016 paypal decided they couldn’t work with mypayingads anymore and froze all paypal money for 6 months.

When i heard this i decided to stop clicking my ads everyday as i wasn’t willing to put anymore of my own cash in as paypal was holding $210 of mine which i wasn’t to get until 5th july 2016.

On may there i decided to log back in and start clicking my ads again as july isn’t too far away.

I bought another 20 $5 packs and an extra 3 with my earnings.

I am able to buy a couple of $10 packs everyday now with my earnings and i’m now on 100 $5 packs and 46 $10 packs.

We’re now on the 1st july and paypal will release my $210 in 4 days time which will allow me to buy another 21 $10 packs.

I truly love this business as it’s the easiest money you can ever make just for clicking on 10 ads a day.

you can also advertise your business or an affiliate link and make some more money while getting traffic too.

Below is a screenshot from my account showing my packs and earnings.

If you want to get started earning some extra cash in your spare time click on the link below and get signed up and i will personally help you along the way.


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