My Paying Ads

My Paying Ads

I joined My Paying Ads back in april 2015 to earn some extra money for some boys toys as they say. I’m really glad i joined as it’s a fantastic online business that you can earn alot of money with.

How It Works

First of all you signup or register for a free account at My Paying Ads and once you verify your email you will get access. Once inside your back office you will see alot of links down the left hand side like purchase adpacks,Finance,Member tools and so on. The first thing you need to do is purchase adpacks starting at $5 and you can only have 100 of these then the second level is $10 the 3rd level is $25 and the 4th level costs $50. you can only have 100 packs in the first 3 levels and unlimited in the 4th level and that’s when you start to see a bigger income. once you have bought your adpacks now you only buy what you can afford but the more you can buy the more money you can make. ok so once you have your packs all you have to do is login everyday and click on 10 adverts and that gets you a share of all revenue.

You can also add a business or an affiliate offer to promote and make some extra cash from that too. now the big money is made once you start to refer other people into the business as every pack they buy you get a commision for it to. i stopped it for a few months as i was working away from home but started it when i came back a few months ago and i have 104 packs now which gets me about $27 a day which is ok for just starting again. anyway that basically sums it up and i hope you liked what i just said there and you join me in making some extra money too and getting yourself a better life once you start to make alot of money which i know this business will do for alot of people. click on the link below and take a look for yourself and remember it’s free to join too.


My Paying Ads

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