Newsletters- How to Get People to Read Them

The process of making a healthy income from newsletters begins with generating a list, but once you begin you cannot afford to stop.

You need to keep on tweaking and testing till you arrive at a template that results in maximum people reading your newsletter.

It’s simple maths, the more people reading your newsletter, higher are the chances of them reacting favorably to your pitch.

There are some clear do’s and don’ts that you need to religiously follow with respect to crafting the opening lines.

Any email newsletter management service like MailChimp will give you a list of words that excite readers into clicking the email open and words that are clear red flags that will send your newsletter to the spam box.

Have a plan on how to construct a series of emails before you make a pitch.

Focus on the kind of information you want your readers to learn about.

This, of course, depends on the promise you made on your lead generation page and the content of your website as a whole.

Are you aware that you can offer your readers choice about the kind of content they wish to learn about?

You could be blogging about cloud computing and smartphones. You can offer your readers choice about what they want to sign up for.

It could be both, or it could be any one of the topics you handle. Keep your email newsletters as specific as possible.

Your newsletter should tilt more towards information and usefulness and very little towards promotion.

Be of use and you will reap rewards

Experiment with calls to action and settle one the ones that elicit maximum response.

Stick to the ones that work.

The best newsletters are ones that are easily scanable. A minimalist approach works best with newsletters.

Can you display content using bullet points? Images are always better than words, consider this.

An uncluttered layout is a prime requirement that you should not compromise on.

Here’s a technical tip. Use alt tags for the images.

Emails that do not load images could hurt the reach and impact of your message.

Alt tags will inform the reader of the nature of the image.

Check if your calls to action, when placed in images generate clicks. If they do, that’s great.

If they don’t then you may want to discontinue doing this.

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