Practical Tips to Optimize Contact Form Conversions

An optimized contact form is a big asset for list building.

It can save you a lot of money if you’re using PPC to drive traffic to your contact form.

You’ll get maximum bang for your buck with the money you use for advertising your landing page.

Here are some very actionable pointers on how to optimize your contact form so that your list can grow.

Trust me, these tips have helped internet marketers grow their lists exponentially.

Something as basic as reducing the number of fields in the form can lead to a sharp rise in conversions.

Experiment with the number of fields.

Conversion rates drop drastically with six or more fields; unless, you are targeting a very specialized niche or you have information or a freebie that is so cool that people don’t mind filling the form fields, even if they are on a mobile device.

You know it’s bad form to ask a lady’s age. Online, it’s a disastrous thing to do, regardless of gender.

It leads to a tanking of conversion rates, and this is totally avoidable. Ask only for that piece of information that you totally require.

And, in most cases this means having only two fields, for name and email.

Asking for a phone number will get the prospect to leave your page quicker than any other field.

Asking for city and state leads to a 4% drop in conversions.

Make a clear distinction between essential and optional form fields.

Giving the visitor a choice is a great way to prevent abandonment of pages and boost conversions.

Try using neutral and encouraging words like “Go” and “Click Here” instead of officious words like “Submit”.

The cool thing about web forms is that you can analyze each form field individually.

You can remove, keep, or tweak it depending upon the result of your experiments.

CAPTCHA verification should appear only when there is some sign of abuse, like too many signups from a given IP address.

Captcha is avoidable friction.

Finally, test attributes like the layout of the form, choice of colors, placement and alignment of the fields.

These factors are of particular significance for the call to action.

Lead generation is at the heart of online business.

And list building is the only way to generate leads that lets you funnel leads into making purchases more than once.

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