Small Actionable Steps to Make Money from Email Subscribers

Let’s begin with two truisms.

One, you know Rome was not built in a day.

Two, you also know that email lists help your business grow.

Email lists are different from traffic to your website because of the chances of email subscribers making a purchase based on your recommendations are much higher.

You too can build an email list and you can do that without spending a dollar in advertising.

Are you making an effort to boost email subscribers? Here are some powerful stats to inspire you.

Email subscribers give a return of $40 for every dollar invested in email list building and email marketing gives you a buy rate that is a staggering 100 times that of social media marketing and two times that of organic traffic.

Email newsletters can not only get you sustained business but can get you bursts of business from referrals made by email subscribers.

Many B2B companies have gained big orders from inquiries that originated in referrals made by their email subscribers.

It’s not difficult to understand.

Even with a list of 5k subscribers, if you send out a request or an affiliate offer every three months, and you get twenty good business leads from it, you’re going to make good money.

Use your email newsletters to provide really useful and actionable information, preferably not found elsewhere.

And, if you can make it available in bite-sized morsels then that’s even better.

People are inundated with information, people are lazy and they like to procrastinate.

Your content has to enthuse them to take action that will benefit them.

Stick to a theme or a topic and provide great content to your audience.

Broaden the scope of the content if your audience is diverse, but don’t just skim the surface of the subjects, provide in-depth information that’ll make your readers’ lives better and will make them thank you for your help.

Present a strong value proposition that will convince the reader to sign up for the newsletter.

It could be great informational content or great actionable content.

If you’re a subject matter expert, then you are really beginning with an advantage and you should have a content strategy to make good use of this advantage.

It’s common sense that you will make more money from your subscribers as you increase the number of subscribers.

So, keep doing the small things right, such as, adding a pop up to your website, tinkering and kaizening your landing page, adding sign up widgets to your blog, etc.


Until Next Time

Ian Leishman

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