How to Succeed at Lead Generation

Consistent results with lead generation demand that you always keep testing new waters;

new ways of reaching out to an audience so that your list continues to grow.

Attrition is a fact, people will drop out of your lists and you need to make your list grow in spite of the dropouts.

Let the New Year herald new techniques that you will put in use to grow your list.

Let us help you with ideas.

If paid search is not yielding results of the kind you want it to, then try this trick.

Check out the first and second rankers for ten really competitive searches in your niche.

Get in touch with them and offer to pay for a link or an ad on their ranked pages.

This strategy could send more pages to your website as compared to running PPC ad campaigns.

Improve a visitor’s experience to your site.

Use tools that can help visitors personalize their experience; such as information on pages visited the last time,

products browsed, and any discounts that may be available on those products.

In short, you personalize their browsing experience and make it pleasant.

Once you’ve given them this experience, they are in a much more receptive frame of mind to sign up for your newsletter.
A big advantage with a personalized experience is that you get information to nurture a lead in a very personalized manner.

You can create bespoke newsletters and deals to target separate profiles.

It becomes easier to nudge such leads down the sales funnel.

You’ll benefit from the use of marketing automation tools that can send timely messages to prospects and trigger other actions based on what a lead does.

For example, if a lead checks out product information or downloads a brochure, an automated email can be dispatched to suggest the next course of action, like maybe a free trial period, download, or a visit to the nearest venue or convention where a demo is being held.

Are you leveraging existing customers for leads?

A satisfied customer can be a very powerful lead magnet.

Are you offering existing customers an opportunity to spread the word on your behalf?

Links to your leads page on their website, an affiliate program that rewards them for leads they send your way, and reviews by satisfied customers are some ways to get others work for you.

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