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“Fear” is a set of four songs by the band Rush. The composition consists of Part I: “The Enemy Within” (from 1984’s Grace Under Pressure), Part II: “The Weapon” (from 1982’s Signals), Part III: “Witch Hunt” (from 1981’s Moving Pictures) and Part IV: “Freeze” (from 2002’s Vapor Trails). Parts I, II, and III were released in reverse order, while Part IV was released a little more than 18 years after Part I. The songs do not follow a set storyline. Instead, they deal with topics relating to the emotion of fear.
Rush performed the first three songs of the tetralogy in their entirety live on the Grace Under Pressure Tour as well as the Power Windows Warm-Up Tour. “Freeze” has never been performed live, and of the other three songs only “Witch Hunt” has been performed live since 1986, being played on the Snakes & Arrows Tour in 2007-08 and the Time Machine Tour in 2010-11, on which Moving Pictures was played live in its entirety for the first time.

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