What Are the Best Mailing Providers for Beginners?

Finding the right mailing list service involves a few considerations. There are so many providers out there and they all have varying costs and features. You can also find ones that do not require you to pay a cent.

When you are a newbie in email marketing, I suggest that you go for the free versions. As you  built your list and start to make some money, that’s when you can start with a paid version.

So, what are the best mailing lists out there for newbies in email marketing?

1. MailChimp
Free Plan Features:
• 2,000 subscribers per month
• 12,000 emails per month
• Email templates
• Analytics
• Third-party integrations

MailChimp is very popular among email marketers because of its simplicity. It has been around since 2001. The free plan’s only downside is that there is MailChimp badge right on each email you send. This catch is not really a big issue if you don’t mind using advertising-supported email service. Their monthly subscription which allows for unlimited emails starts at $20 per month.

2. SendInBlue
Free Plan Features:
• 9,000 emails per month
• Access to their email templates
• Mobile-friendly emails
• Unlimited contacts

SendInBlue was created only in 2011 but it is quickly gaining the attention as the best MailChimp alternative. The free version is only good for 60 days but it is worth noting that they offer automation for the free plan, unlike MailChimp.

3. Constant Contact
Free Plan Features:
• Analytics
• Access to email template
• Mobile-friendly
• Real-time tracking and reporting
Constant Contact is free for the first month. Their premium starts at $20/month and allows up to 500 contacts. If you need to send a bulk of messages, you can settle for their $300/month plan that allows you to send thousands of emails.

4. Mail.com
Free plan features:
• Unlimited online storage
• Allows large file attachment
•Facebook integration
• Virus and spam protection

Mail.com’s large file attachment is so far it’s top feature. It supports a maximum of 50 MB file, unlike other providers that only allow up to 20 MB. They also have an Organizer feature, which allows you to invite guests and set reminders.

5. Gmail
Free plan features:
• Priority Inbox
• Up to 30 GB of storage (for every G Suite account)
• Offline app
• Signature creation
The last but not the least is the leading choice among all free services. The Google Email for Business, Gmail’s paid plan, can be availed at $5/month.

Have you chosen your email service provider? The one  i and most marketer’s use is AWEBER and you can get started for as little as $1 for a 30 day free trial.

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