What are the highest paying affiliate programs?

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online. Unlike cost-per-click ad programs, it’s not necessary that you own a website to get started.


With affiliate marketing, you can earn money promoting through social media channels. Plus, you won’t run out of affiliate program to promote. There are thousands of programs and affiliate networks out there and you can surely find one that suits your niche.


While there are programs that give out only meagre cents, there are a few that let you earn thousands of dollars with just a single referral. So far, here are the highest paying affiliate programs of 2017:


  •         Regal Assets– In investing, diversification is the key to success. As the adage goes, you should not put all your eggs in one basket. Did you know that there is still a huge demand for gold worldwide? Gold’s hedge against the declining dollar is the main reason why many investors add gold to their portfolio. If you can’t invest in gold for now, you can still earn money just endorsing silver and gold. Their affiliate program gives as much as 3% affiliate provision. Take note, the investors at Regal Assets spend a minimum of $20,000. Imagine getting $600 just for a single referral!


  •         ShareASale– it is one of the old ones but still among the best affiliate companies up to this day. They pay quickly and they have an easy-to-navigate platform. Prepare your website name and your blog niche because merchants will review your site before you can promote their products.


  •         Amazon’s affiliate program– What’s nice about Amazon is they have pretty much everything you need. It’s a massive library of products so you can always find ones to promote regardless of your niche. Their products are not limited to physical items. They also have digital products like eBooks. If you feel like writing for a book review blog, you can use your Amazon affiliate links in your posts.


  •         MoreNiche– this one is a health affiliate network that health buffs out there should not miss. The thing with MoreNiche is they don’t have a lot of products to choose from but they have a generous commission rate. The best thing about owning a health-focused blog is it also encourages you to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Key Takeaways


When practicing affiliate marketing, here are some of my tips before you go:


Buy your own domain and hosting. If you are planning to promote using a website, don’t just settle for a free WordPress or Blogspot account. Most of the affiliate programs, like ShareASale, require that you have a website that identifies your business.

Work on a specific niche. One of the secrets to affiliate marketing is to match a product or service to your own branding. The only con to this is that you will have to exert extra effort to get noticed. But once you established your brand, it’s now easier to find loyal customers.

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