Where to Sell Your Designs?

Do you have an eye for design? If you have a penchant for creating infographics, cards, or blog banners, you can turn that hobby into a money-making opportunity.

Selling your designs online is a very good opportunity to make money from home. All you need is a laptop/ computer and a Internet connection, along with a few editing tools and you can start your own design business.

How much can you make per month as a web designer? In the United States, an average web designer with at least three years of experience earns around $40,000 per year. Those are just rough estimates. There are a few designers who earn more than that. Definitely, you can earn more depending on your skills and years of experience. Once you become a design maven, you will be able to sell your designs like hotcakes and enjoy the vast earnings.

If you want to prove your design expertise and make a living out of it, here are marketplaces I can recommend:

1. Big Cartel
This one is ideal for newbies. With Big Cartel, you will be allowed to sell up to five products for free. Once you signed up for their paid plans, you can start building your simple store online. You will also have access to their apps, add-ons, and integrations.Prices start at $9.99/ month.

2. Delusha
Selling designs online is not limited to digital products. Delusha is one of those sites that let you design your own jewelry. Like any other sites, they have preset designs in case you are having a hard time creating your own jewelry designs from scratch.

3. Etsy
Etsy is one big marketplace for crafts and unique items. But you can also sell designs like website themes on Etsy. What’s nice about Etsy is that they have a low membership fee.

4. 99designs
99designs is known for their ready-made logo store. Aside from business and advertising materials, you can also sell clothing and merchandise designs, packaging and label, books and illustrations, as well as covers for books and magazine. Their most basic plan, the Bronze plan can be availed at $299.

5. Society 6
If you are interested to design wall arts, throw pillows, and iPhone cases, Society 6 is the place to go. They set the royalties for almost all design products but you can determine how much you would like to charge for art prints, framed art prints, and stretched canvases.


– Treat your client the way you like to be treated. Whether it’s just a 1-to-1 relationship or you are joining a contest, it matters to give your client the space he needs so he could decide well. Don’t rush into sharing your juicy details until the client buys your design.
-Present the visuals. Thing is, many clients can’t figure out whether the design will work for their business or not. Once accepted to work for a certain logo or anything that concerns a brand, show the visuals to your client right away.


Until Next Time. Enjoy

Ian Leishman

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